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A & W400 Big Rock Lane403-938-0865
Almira's Mediterranean Grill#F, 40 Elizabeth St.403-982-0744
Amato Gelato9, 18 Southridge Dr403-995-4244
Big Rock Inn101 Elizabeth St.403-938-6611
Bistro Provence52 N Railway St.403-938-2224
Booster Juice243, 200 Southridge Drive403-995-9815
Boston Pizza10 Southridge Drive403-995-0224
The British Chippy94 Elizabeth St587-757-9995
Brown Sugar Bake Shop#109, 235 Milligan Dr.403-982-9878
Browns Social House#601, 200 Southridge Dr403-995-8535
Bull Pen Pub & Eatery35 Riverside Dr.403-938-2855
Burger Baron#357, 105 Southbank Blvd403-995-9950
Burger King#621, 200 Southridge Dr
The Canadian Brewhouse#625, 200 Southridge Dr403-995-5735
Canadian Pizza Unlimited8B, 18 Southridge Dr403-310-8080
Cha Cha John's Fusion Kitchen#155, 100 Stockton Ave587-757-0988
Chicago Deep Dish Pizza#2, 50 Elizabeth St.403-938-7228
Cora's#100, 28 Southridge Dr403-938-1522
Dairy QueenVillage Lane403-938-7500
Denny's57 Riverside Gate403-938-7580
Domino's Pizza351, 201 Southridge Drive403-995-1444
Edo Japan441, 200 Southridge Drive403-995-0031
The Extreme Pita743, 201 Southridge Drive403-938-4970
Fatburger#729, 201 Southridge Dr403-995-1149
Foxy's Bar & Grill#1, 100 Milligan Drive403-995-1172
The George Traditional House101 Southridge Drive403-938-4519
Gourmet On The Go22 Elizabeth St.403-938-0058
Grand Central Bar & Grill#9, 49 Elizabeth St.403-938-0929
Happy Valley Restaurant1500 Village Lane403-938-0122
Heartland Caf46 McRae St.403-995-4623
Home Ground22 North Railway St.403-995-9948
Ikoi Sushi & Grill#407, 235 Milligan Dr587-757-0907
In Cahoots Bar & Grill500B Village Lane403-938-6645
John Henry's Pub
KFC231, 200 Southridge Drive403-988-1498
Las Maracas#153, 71 Riverside Dr. W403-995-7015
Little Caesar's Pizza House31 Southridge Drive403-938-5555
Marble Slab Creamery#251, 200 Southridge Dr403-995-1196
Menchies#18, 34 Southridge Dr403-995-1564
McDonald's - Big Rock Lane600 Big Rock Lane403-938-3050
McDonald's - Near Home Depot105 Southbank Blvd587-757-0593
Mr Mike's Steakhouse & Bar411, 200 Southridge Drive403-938-5663
Mr. Spud Caf26 McRae St.403-938-1777
Okotoks Pizza And Pasta116 Elizabeth St403-938-8989
OPA Souvlaki Greek Restaurant149 Southridge Drive403-995-3959
Original Joe's28 Southridge Drive403-938-7001
Panago Pizza600 Big Rock Lane403-310-0001
Papa John's Pizza#605, 200 Southridge Dr403-982-8300
Pizza 73#14, 34 Southridge Drive403-273-7373
Pizza Hut421, 200 Southridge Drive403-995-3131
Pizzaberg Caf#17, 900 Village Lane403-938-4242
Quizno's Sub309, 201 Southridge Drive403-995-1211
Ricky's All Day Grill747, 201 Southridge Drive403-995-0982
Roma Italian Restaurant27 McCrae St403-982-1314
Royal Duke Hotel30 Elizabeth St.403-938-4101
Rylie's Cattle Barn263, 200 Southridge Drive403-995-7779
Saigon Sun245, 200 Southridge Drive403-995-8181
Spices East Indian Dining445, 200 Southridge Dr.403-995-3320
Starbucks Coffee201 Southridge Drive 110403-995-1924
Starbucks Coffee in Safeway610 Big Rock Lane403-938-9341
Subway#231, 200 Southridge Dr403-938-9464
Subway in Home Depot231, 200 Southridge Drive403-938-9464
Subway420 Big Rock Lane403-938-4994
Sweet Tooth & Coffee52 N Railway St.
Sweetgrass Deli & Eatery#1, 49 Elizabeth St.403-995-4454
Swiss Chalet#191, 31 Southridge Dr403-938-8785
Taco Bell231, 200 Southridge Drive403-988-1498
Taco Del Mar241, 200 Southridge Drive403-995-9438
Tim Horton's221, 200 Southridge Drive403-995-2151
Tim Horton's221, 200 Southridge Dr403-995-2444
Tom's House of Pizza#300, 235 Milligan Dr.403-995-4651
Wendy'sSouthridge Drive403-995-2552
Wok Box#153, 71 Riverside Dr W403-995-1380
Yokozuna Sushi Bar & Grill249, 200 Southridge Drive403-995-8141
Yume Sushi97 Elizabeth St403-982-9891

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